Louis Thompson

Louis Thompson Martial Arts Instructor Smiling

Louis Thompson has spent the best part of his life training in reality based martial arts and self defence

Whilst other children were playing football Louis was most likely hitting pads or trying to get past his dad's guard (something he is still trying to do 20 years later). Being the son of self defence legend Geoff Thompson, has given Louis access to some of the most cutting edge self defence techniques in the world from a very early age.

Aside from training in the real combat system Louis also has experience in Judo, Boxing, Wrestling and is constantly striving to improve his skills in all areas, both pysically and spiritually. He has trained with industry giants such as, Peter Consterdine, Matty Evans, Al Peasland, Tony Somers and Glen Smith.

Louis is now teaching his own courses and seminars classes around the country. He also offers private tuition specialising in The Fence, striking, grappling, throws and takedowns and his highly successful immersion training programme.