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Ultimate Throws & Takedowns

Submitted by Louis Thompson on Tue, 2012-09-25 14:44

Learn the Devastating Art of Throws & Takedowns

As you know, self defence is all about pre-emption and learning to strike very hard but, what if you make a mistake? Nobody is perfect, even monkeys fall out of tree. More often than not, violent confrontations that do not end in the first couple of seconds end up in a grapple.

What Happens If I Make A Mistake and Have to Grapple?

I am not going to say this is an ideal position to be in but it is certainly a situation you have to be able to cope with. When used correctly, the art of throws and takedowns can be devastating for your opponent. I have spent the last 15 years under my mentor (and father) Geoff Thompson as his personal Uke (training partner), and have learned how he has adapted arts such as Judo and various forms of wrestling to be massively effective in real situations.

Would you like to be able to control your opponents with ease before ending a confrontation with a devastating throw? I am so confident in my methods that if you are not happy with what you have learned, I will give you your money back. No questions asked.

This Course Will Even Increase Your Striking Confidence

The Secret to Rapid Weight Loss for Less Than £3

Submitted by Louis Thompson on Thu, 2011-11-10 16:46

12 week immersion weight loss ebook cover

12 week immersion weight loss book cover

Find out how you can do as I did and lose 4 stone in 12 weeks.

Get the secrets of fast tracking your weight loss and getting the body you want in record time.

I have used the method contained in this book on all of my clients and have never failed to get amazing reuslts. This method has not only change lives but saved them.

Reduce your blood pressure, bin your medication, burn your fat.

This book will take you through my journey to weight loss, step by step, day by day. If you do as I did you will not fail to achieve the results, the body and the life that you always wanted.

All of this in 12 weeks for under £3. What have you got to lose.

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Self Defence Tips

If you were to ask, 'what is the essence of real self defence?' the answer would be simple. Don't be there. People who consistently find themselves in violent situations are people who have placed themselves in a place where violence is the first language. Avoidance is always the best option. You can be sure that if you find yourself in a violent situation then you have made a mistake, but, monkeys fall out of trees and mistakes are made. Here are my top 3 tips on Self Defence.

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